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Talent Collaboration - Come To The Table ~ Flowers & Tea workshop!

"Love What You Photograph & Photograph What You Love"


What can be more inspiring, motivating, satisfying and rewarding than photographing people doing what they love. Watching people do their magic always seemed incredibly rewarding to me. Each and every one of us have so many different special talents, opinions, visions, techniques, and it's amazing how much we can learn from each other just by observation. Whether watching someone creating a master piece, or trying something new, teaching to create or learning how, doing it for them or for others, for support or just for fun, individually or in a group, I'm always ending up gaining! Yes, it can be something tiny, almost unnoticeable or life changing, but it's always more than what I started with! Knowledge, technique, idea, a different point of view, support, acknowledgment, patience, stress relief, connection, a friend and so much more.

Imagine how incredibly joyful was my experience at the floral workshop taught by Angi Rutkowski with Come To The Table and hosted by Festivitea.

Not only did I get to watch someone share something they love and are passionate about, but I got to do it myself! I was surrounded by so much beauty! People, flowers, colors, textures and different ideas. I learned about flowers and flower arrangements. I saw people of all ages and genders producing beautiful creations and so unique even though all of them get to use the same flowers. I gained so much that night and I'm beyond thankful for the chance given to me to be a part of such joyful event. Not to mention the TEA! Yes, that's right, tea! It was a flowers and a tea workshop! A flowers, tea and scones kinda night where you learn how to create beautiful arrangements while you sip on delicious loose-leaf tea (which I continue to sip every night since then haha).

I love how it turned out, even though purple ain't my color of choice

But enough about me, let's talk about the people that made it happen!

Come To The Table


"There isn’t a table I would rather be invited to anywhere, than the table of the King of the universe. It is my joy and delight to use the gifts and talents God has given me while drawing others to His table. I jump with delight at the ways He uses Come to the Table to do this, including helping brides with vision and beauty for their weddings, designing beautiful floral arrangements, hosting floral workshops surrounded by flowers that speak of Him, working hard to help give mothers with unplanned pregnancies a beautiful baby shower they will always remember, and the many other ways He wants to use Come to the Table. God has provided His blessing with so many unique ways to have fun doing what I enjoy while serving others in ways that demonstrate the beauty of His great love!!

Many may ask if Come to the Table is a business or a ministry. Yes, and yes! Come to the Table is dreaming, desiring, and purposing – all for the glory of God. Psalm 133 starts by saying, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!” It is the desire of Come to the Table to demonstrate this scripture as we seek His purposes and plans for our lives. I am excited to experience the things yet to unfold for Come to the Table."

~ Angi Rutkowski



FestiviTea company specializes in delivering unique loose leaf teas which taste, INDEED, like a Celebration in a Cup! Their BouTeaque is located in Colorado Springs, CO but they ship ANYWHERE! FestiviTea owned and operated by Margo Wells and Jenny Bolt, two charming ladies that love sharing tea with others! They began their business in 2008 catering festive tea parties. After the economic recession of 2010, they decided to restructure the company; with the focus on delivering the unique loose leaf teas we were served at the floral event.

My Russian roots kicked right in when I tried their tea at the workshop and I instantly fell in love! The taste, the aroma, and a wide

selection of teas FestiviTea offers is outstanding. Let me just say that much, if you are a tea lover it's a must!

I wish I could capture the smell of the flowers and the aroma of the tea among the joyful atmosphere and the stunning creations.


Treasure your memories!

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1 kommentti

Sivan Shteiman
Sivan Shteiman
13. elok. 2021

Was a wonderful experience and so beautifully captured! Definitely would go again :)💐🫖📸

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